Python Workshop ZMK

Python workshop ZMK is a methodology and disciplinary educational activity. The participants will be introduced to the programming language “python” and its usage for scientific applications. During the course they will develop skills to read and write scripts for their own data analysis.


The course will be lead by Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Krois - Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter from the Charité -  with the assitence of Kai Winkler - Biophysics Master student from Humboldt Universität.


In the Winter semester of 2018/2019 the lessons will take place in three different modules:

1. Module: Oktober 19th from 14 until 19 h & Oktober 20th from 9 until 18 h.

2. Module: November 2nd from 14 until 19 h & November 3rd from 9 until 18 h.

3. Module: November 30th from 14 until 19 h & December 1st from 9 until 18 h. 

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The workshop will be divided into three parts that will each last one and a half days. In total, the workshop will take four and a half days (36 hours). Each part of the Workshop is described as follows:


Part 1

  • Getting started with Python
    • Installing Python
    • Introduction to scientific computing with Python
    • Python's scientific stack
    • IDE´s and the Jupyter ecosystem
  • Python 101
    • Objects
    • Operations
    • Functions
    • Methods
    • Indexing and Slicing
    • Collections
    • Loops
    • List comprehensions
    • Control Flow
    • I/O
    • User-defined functions
    • Code refactoring


Part 2

  • Essentials of version control for collaborative coding
  • Data science, statistics and predictive modeling
    • Processing of tabular data
    • Exploratory data analysis
    • Plotting with Python
    • Statistics
      • Univariate statistics
      • Multivariate statistics
      • Confidence intervals and bootstrapping
      • Hypotheses tests
    • Predictive modeling
      • Regression
      • Classification
      • Model tuning



Part 3

  • Applied scientific computing and problem solving. The specific content for part 3 is yet to be determined. We aim to help the participants to tackle their particular research questions using Python.

How to sign up for the workshop

We will be taking up to 15 applicants and you can sign up from:

24.09. - 17.10.2018

by writing an email with the title: "Python Workshop" to agzaslansky(at)

Any changes to the dates will be discussed in class.


The classes will take place at the ZMK, House 1, Room K1.10.


Students will be awarded 2.5 CP for the whole workshop.  Absences will harm student’s learning and are not advisable. No credits will be awarded for students who miss more than 4.5 hours of classes.