Lunchtime Science

"Lunchtime science" is a lecture series with a broad range of scientific topics presented in English, followed by a short Q&A session. Coffee and light drinks are served.

When: Monthly between 12:15 and 12:45 - scheduled dates are shown in the table below.

Where: Institut für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde, Haus 2, Hörsaal 3.

0.1 ECTS Credit Points is awarded to Doctoral students per attendance.

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Lectures Winter semester 2019/2020

Date                 Speaker                                        Theme

16.10.2019    Dr. Laura Zorzetto               Looking at slime for insights into dental plaques

13.11.2019    Dr. Paola Carvajal Monroy   Novel perspectives for improvement of cleft palate repair

Former Lectures from 2018 and 2019

List of Former Lectures


10.07.19|Dr. Kerstin Wolk|Antimicrobial competence of the inflamed skin: Insights into the interaction between immune system and epithelium

19.06.19|Dr. Monika Emmrich|Acrylic Secrets - an analytical perspective

05.06.19|Dr. Ron Shahar|The wonder of bone withoug osteocytes

02.05.19|Dr. Jin-Ho Phark|Clinical Challenges in Bonding to CAD/CAM Restorations

17.04.19|MS Yara Haridy & Dr. Florian Witzmann|What can fossil bone tell us About our own Evolution?

20.02.19|Dr. Stefan Zachow|3D Image and Geometry Processing in Dentistry for Diagnosis and Therapy Planning

23.01.19|Dr. Matthias Gabriel|Anything but superficial: Surface modification of biomaterials for medical applications

12.12.18|Dr. Joshua Milgram|What humans learn from cats and dogs: from opening blocked aortas to closing oral fistulae

07.11.18|Dr. Paul Zaslansky|"Seeing the invisible update 11/2018: new clinically-relevant 3D imaging tools with electrons and X-rays"

10.10.18|Dr. Rivka Elbaum|Bioglass in plants

20.06.18|Multiple presenters|2018 science SLAM

06.06.18|Dr. Shmuel Einy|Ortho-Endo-Perio case report: Invasive cervical resorption following orthodontic treatment

16.05.18|Dr. Michael Naumann| State of the art in post-endodontic treatment

18.04.18|Dr. Joachim Krois|Scientific Computing and Reproducible Research

21.03.18|Dr. Delia Brauer|Bioactive glasses — from bone regeneration to dental remineralisation

21.02.18|Dr. Frank Wagener|Inflammation, fibrosis and cytoprotective mechanisms

24.01.18|Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck|How safe is your implant? Alarming results of SEM/EDS analyses on sterile packaged implants

Former Lectures