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 Photo from a lecture in an auditorium

Lunchtime Science -- !!! March 2020:Cancelled until further notice !!!

"Lunchtime science" is a lecture series with a broad range of scientific topics presented in English, followed by a short Q&A session. Coffee and light drinks are served.

When: Monthly between 12:15 and 12:45 - scheduled dates are shown in the table below.

Where: Institut für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde, Haus 2, Hörsaal 3.

0.1 ECTS Credit Points is awarded to Doctoral students per attendance. Certificate for in lecture signature available below.

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Lecture series 2020/2021


Download Certificate

We recommend the attendees to print their own certificate to be signed and stamped by Dr. Paul Zaslansky after the lecture.




Former Lectures from 2018, 2019 & 2020

List of Former Lectures


26.02.2020|Dr. Natalie Reznikov|Awesome bones: structural adaptations of the skeleton to mechanical loading

19.02.2020|Dr. Marthe Rousseau|Nacre or mother-of-pearl: from the bone implant to the filling of the peridontal pockets

15.01.2020|Dr. Till E. Bechtold|Finding molecular therapy for chronic TMJ arthritis

11.12.2019|Prof Dr. Wolf-Dieter Müller|Material properties and their relevance for dentists

13.11.2019|Dr. Paola Carvajal Monroy|Novel perspectives for improvement of cleft palate repair

16.10.2019|Dr. Laura Zorzetto|Looking at slime for insights into dental plaques

10.07.2019|Dr. Kerstin Wolk|Antimicrobial competence of the inflamed skin: Insights into the interaction between immune system and epithelium

19.06.2019|Dr. Monika Emmrich|Acrylic Secrets - an analytical perspective

05.06.2019|Dr. Ron Shahar|The wonder of bone withoug osteocytes

22.05.2019|Dr. Josette Camilleri|Current Concepts of Rest Cnal Obturation

02.05.2019|Dr. Jin-Ho Phark|Clinical Challenges in Bonding to CAD/CAM Restorations

17.04.2019|MS Yara Haridy & Dr. Florian Witzmann|What can fossil bone tell us About our own Evolution?

20.02.2019|Dr. Stefan Zachow|3D Image and Geometry Processing in Dentistry for Diagnosis and Therapy Planning

23.01.2019|Dr. Matthias Gabriel|Anything but superficial: Surface modification of biomaterials for medical applications

12.12.2018|Dr. Joshua Milgram|What humans learn from cats and dogs: from opening blocked aortas to closing oral fistulae

07.11.2018|Dr. Paul Zaslansky|"Seeing the invisible update 11/2018: new clinically-relevant 3D imaging tools with electrons and X-rays"

10.10.2018|Dr. Rivka Elbaum|Bioglass in plants

20.06.2018|Multiple presenters|2018 science SLAM2

06.06.2018|Dr. Shmuel Einy|Ortho-Endo-Perio case report: Invasive cervical resorption following orthodontic treatment

16.05.2018|Dr. Michael Naumann| State of the art in post-endodontic treatment

18.04.2018|Dr. Joachim Krois|Scientific Computing and Reproducible Research

21.03.2018|Dr. Delia Brauer|Bioactive glasses — from bone regeneration to dental remineralisation

21.02.2018|Dr. Frank Wagener|Inflammation, fibrosis and cytoprotective mechanisms

24.01.2018|Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck|How safe your implant? Alarming results of SEM/EDS analyses on sterile packaged implants