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DFG-Forschergruppe 2804 "InterDent"

The DFG funded research group "InterDent" is a concerted effort to increase cross-talk between material and dental sciences. We aim at reducing uncertainty as to what constitutes a 'durable dental interzone'. Reducing uncertainty in the performance of dental interzones relies on obtaining higher resolution and more standardised data while integrating knowledge from complementary methods ideally with refined study models.



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The research unit "InterDent" is a collaborative initiative for materials scientists, engineers and dental clinicians to closely interact to study dental interzones. By transfer of know-how and data across disciplines, we identify and characterize key parameters needed to predict degradation, to be fed back into the clinic. Despite a large range of polymer, ceramic and metal compounds available for dentists, dental interzones artificially constructed into tooth restorations are never as good as their natural counterparts that are usually made of naturally ocurring elements and material phases. The reasons for this discrepancy are poorly understood, and as a result, dentists often overdesign or underutilize defect-tolerant materials. The research group operates in a unique clinically-inspired setting in Berlin, combining advanced material science laboratories across several institutions.



Ever-lasting dentally inspired interzones, through interdisciplinary collaboration.


We grow a diverse, curious, accepting and open-minded community to join forces of materials and dental cultures to develop science-based toolkits.